How to Change Whatsapp Status and Profile Picture

The soaring popularity of the social messaging apps comes after the rising popularity of sites like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. Much of the social messaging apps have borrowed hugely from these social media sites and hence, share many similar features. Most of the features that are available in the social media sites are also found in these social messaging apps like Whatsapp, Viber or WeChat. Starting from changing profile pictures to sending images and videos, everything is possible through these apps. Also, there are some additional benefits of using these social messaging apps over the social media sites: through these you can connect instantly and also stay away from intruders.


Whatsapp comes with certain default status templates like ‘available’, ‘busy’, ‘sleeping’ and so on. However, if you wish to change and update your Whatsapp status as per your wish, then simply follow the steps underlined below:

Steps to Change Whatsapp Status

  • Open the whatsapp messenger and find three aligned dots on the right-top of the screen. Tap this sign.
  • Next, select the ‘status’ option from the list that is displayed. After selecting this option, you can either put up a status of your own or select one from the given templates.
  • You can also use emoticons in Whatsapp to update your status. Integration of so many varieties of emoticons with the text is a feature available only on Whatsapp (this cannot be done on Facebook).

How to Change Propic in Whatsapp

Changing profile picture in Whatsapp is quite a simple process too. However, it has one disadvantage. The size of the image is altered to a great extent in Whatsapp; the messenger will ask you to crop the image with a scaler and you can drag this over the image and do the cropping accordingly. The steps to change the profile picture in Whatsapp are as follows:

  • Open your whatsapp messenger and tap the three aligned dots on the top right hand side of your screen.
  • Select the ‘settings’ option from the list that is displayed there. Choose the ‘profile’ option next which will display your current Whatsapp profile picture.
  • Tap on this picture next to change it. You will be redirected to the gallery from where you can select the picture of your choice, crop it and set it as your profile picture.

Changing status and profile picture in Whatsapp is as easy as doing it on any other social networking platform.